Eating Behaviour

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AQA A-Level Psychology Unit 3: Eating Behaviour

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Eating Behaviour
  1. Attitudes Towards Food & Eating Behaviour
    1. Parental Modelling (SLT): Brown & Ogden (2004) reported correlations between parent + child for snack intake, motivations and body dissatisfaction. Birch & Fisher (2000) found that the best predictors of daughters EB were mothers dietary restraint +perception of becoming overweight
      1. Media Effects (SLT): Maclntryre (1998) media has a major impact of what people eat + their attitudes; however personal circumstances (age, income) can affect EB. Evolutionary explanations of food preferences suggests that our preferences to fatty + sweet foods is a direct evolved adaption.
        1. Ethnicity (CI): Ball & Kenardy (2002) studied (1400+) women between 18-25 in Australia; for all ethnic groups the longer the stay the more women reported EB and attitudes to be similar to that of Australian women (acculturation effect). Bulimia was more common in white women than black or Asian. Mumford et al (1991) found that Bulimia was greater amoung Asian school girls than their white counterparts.
          1. Social Class (CI): Dornbouch et al (1984) survey 7000 American adolescents + concluded that higher-class female desired to be thin and were more likely to achieve this; body dissatisfaction = higher-class. [Good et al, 2008: used data from Scottish Health Survey and found income has an association w/ healthy eating]. Story et al (1995) higher-class American students had greater body satisfaction; other studies = no relationship between class + weight dissatisfaction.
            1. Binge-eating (Mood): Davis et al (1988) 1 hour before binge, bulimic people had more -ve mood states
              1. Comfort Eating (Mood)
              2. Explanations for the Success and Failure of Dieting
                1. Neural Mechanisms in Eating Behaviour
                  1. Evolutionary Explanations of Food Preferences
                    1. Psychological Explanations for Anorexia Nervosa
                      1. Biological Explanations for Anorexia Nervosa
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