Cognitive Complexity

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Cognitive Complexity

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Cognitive Complexity
1 Level of Cognitive Complexity
1.1 Ms. James students are studying environmental science. She has asked her students to generate ways to help the school become more green. The students will then debate the solutions and present their findings to the school principal in the form of a Prezi presentation. This activity falls under the produce level of Bloom's taxonomy, specifically the producing cognitive level. Students are outlining a plan to address a real-world problem.
2 Ways to Raise the Cognitive Complexity
2.1 The cognitive level could be increased by requiring students to make a website to persuade the community to take action on this environmental solution.
3 New Level of Cognitive Complexity
3.1 The new idea would keep the task on the create level of Bloom's under the producing cognitive level. However, the new task utilizes advanced technology rather than a Prezi (which most students have likely used in the past). Also, students are relaying information to the community. which could have more of an impact than simply presenting to the school principal.
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