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Valentine - Carol Ann Duffy
1 Born 1955, Glasgow
1.1 Poems often feminist in its themes and approach
1.1.1 e.g World's wife, took characters from history, mythology and literature. Gave them female p.o.v - feminised version of the character
1.2 First female Poet Laureate
1.3 Controversy around her work., follows Robert Browning tradition in writing monologues from p.o.v of disturbed characters
2 "I give you an onion." stanza 1
2.1 Unconventional gift
2.1.1 dismissal of the cliches "Not a cute card or kissogram" Another criticism of cliches
2.2 harsh- lacks emotion
2.3 love has layers-like an onion
2.4 Stanza 3 -repition of "I give you an onion"
2.4.1 "Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips" Personification -oxymoron Suggest the intensity of the relationship -powerful and passionate
3 Poem is an extended metaphor -the onion
4 Stanza 2 -"It will blind you with tears"
4.1 love can make people ignorant
4.1.1 "Like lover." simile\ fragment Fragment has an end end stop
4.2 "A wobbling photo of grief"
4.2.1 Metaphor
4.2.2 full of anguish and sorrow suggesting hurt between the couple
4.2.3 A photo can be permanent -the anguish is permanent
5 Stanza 4 - 'its platinum loops shrink to a wedding ring "
5.1 RIng -symbolises commitment and a life spent together
5.2 Shrink- Suggests that loves diminishes over time
5.3 Platinum is a precious metal- love is also precious
5.4 "Its scent will cling to your finger, cling to your knife
5.4.1 Love lingers, it is also harsh and has the potential to hurt someone like a knife
5.4.2 The poems tone has switched, become dark and harsh Tone changes throughout the poem - the tone can be violent
5.4.3 "KNIFE" could suggest love can be hurtful or the death of love
6 Structure
6.1 Free verse structure
6.1.1 Fragments
6.2 Lacks constant rhythm
6.2.1 sporadic and irratic
6.3 enjambment
6.3.1 can make the poem lack rhythm
7 Themes- nature and death -which juxtapose each other
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