Electron Drift Velocity

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Electron Drift Velocity
1 Factors affecting current
1.1 Thicker wire - lower resistance
1.2 Cool wires down - + ions wont move as fast to create obstacles for electrons
1.3 More batteries - more current, giving energy to electrons in wires
1.4 Materials with more charge carriers
1.5 No. of charged particles
1.6 Speed at which particles move
2 I = n A V e
2.1 n = no. of charged particles
2.2 A = area of wire
2.3 V = velocity of electrons
2.4 e = charge of electrons
3 Conductors
3.1 Electrons free to move
3.2 No. of available electrons depends on conductor
3.3 No. of density electrons
3.4 Good conductors - most charge carriers
4 Semi-conductors
4.1 Require energy to free electrons
4.2 Lower density
4.3 Electrons travel faster than in conductors due to low density
4.4 Density increased by doping semi-conductor with impurities
5 Insulators
5.1 Electron density is 0
5.2 Low voltages
5.3 No free electrons
5.4 Current unable to flow
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