The effects on womens' lives that took place in Nazi Germany

Laila Davies Sajir
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small mindap showing what happened to womens' lives in the 1930's. It changed a lot in comparison to the 1920's.

Laila Davies Sajir
Created by Laila Davies Sajir over 3 years ago
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The effects on womens' lives that took place in Nazi Germany
1 couldn't vote
2 couldn't get jobs
3 didn't recieve good education
4 Women had to live on the 3 K's which were Kinder(children), Kriche(church) and Kuche(Kitchen
5 weren't allowed to wear make up
6 weren't allowed perm
7 had to give up jobs
8 had to stay at home
9 women expected to have children
10 if had 4+ children.. on aug 12th they were rewarded
11 Lebensborn: healthy aryan women weren't allowed to have abortions
12 SS could go and have intercourse with aryan women in hope to increase aryan population
13 weren't allowed proffesional posts
14 women weren't allowed to be judges, prosecutors or member of dury due to 'not controlling emotions
15 weren't allowed jobs in Nazi party
16 weren't allowed to smoke
16.1 'non german'
17 expected to be 'slim'
18 were controlled
19 always encouraged to have children- even if not dating or married
20 ''take hold of kettle, broom and pan, then you'll surely get a man! Shop and office leave alone, youre true life lies at home'' -Nazi
21 not allowed to live on weimar germany rules
22 seen as 'objects' and only useful for mothering and cleaning up
23 women were seen to have an overload of emotions which is ''why'' they didn't work or do the things a stereotypical man would
24 ''too feminine to work''
25 ''men have all power over''
26 not strong enough
27 ''mentally unstable''
28 ''hormonal''
29 raiser
30 must stick to ''traditions''
31 ''housewives''
32 'unaware of world''

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