The Manhunt - Simon Armitage

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The Manhunt - Simon Armitage
1 Structure
1.1 Written in couplets
1.1.1 referencing the soldier and his partner
1.2 Medial ceasura
1.2.1 suggests interruption in his life, shown with the ceasura
1.3 rhyme scheme fluctuates between half and exact
1.3.1 could parallel the soldiers recovery from injury
2 War poem
2.1 read by the wife of an injured soldier
2.2 highlights the long term and effects of war
3 "The frozen river which ran through his face "
3.1 suggests paralysis
3.1.1 more than just a superficial injury
3.2 metaphor
4 "and handle and hold the damaged, porcelain collar -bone"
4.1 suggests the wife is being gentle
4.2 metaphor- suggests fragility and that is could break easily
5 Tone- Very melancholic and regretful the soldier has become very distant from his partner, he was physically effected by the war as well as emotionally
6 "and feel the hurt of his grazed heart"
6.1 his wife feels empathy towards his injuries
6.2 emotional and physical damage - his core has been damaged, he has lost the ability to feel emotion
7 Theme - the effects that war has on people - the soldier has become very distant and fragile, the main theme is the physical injuries the man sustained
8 to a sweating unexploded mine
8.1 personification
8.2 metaphor- trying to suppress his emotions
9 The whole poem explains the effects that war has on people and how soldiers can be both physically and emotionally injured as a result of war
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