To investigate downstream changes in channel characteristics on the River Tillingbourne

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To investigate downstream changes in channel characteristics on the River Tillingbourne
  1. Bradshaw Model
    1. Is used to explain how the river course and characteristics change as it moves from source to mouth. As a river progresses downstream its channel characteristics and morphology change, with velocity and hydraulic radius increasing but gradient decreasing
    2. River Tillingbourne
      1. 19 km long
        1. ABINGER HAMMER - 6km from source
          1. CROSSWAYS FARM - 4.3km from source
            1. SHERE CHURCH
              1. Source is Wotton Common - 286m above sea level
              2. Located in Surrey
                1. Low level river
                  1. it was suitable
                    1. Easily accessible sites meant we were safely able to collect data
                      1. The scale of the river is effective as our sample sites weren't too far away from each other, meant sampling different areas was possible
                        1. The depth of the river wasn't too high so we were able to enter the river ourselves and collect data
                    2. Drainage Basin Size 57km2
                    3. Hazards and Risks
                      1. Step one
                        1. The recognition of potential hazards and these were compiled into a list
                          1. Step two
                            1. The chance of the occurrence of these risks was analyzed and each risk was given a level of 1-10 according to how likely this hazard was to occur.
                          2. Step three
                            1. The impact and severity of the risk was taken into account and given a level of 1-10 depending on how severe the risk would potentially be if it occurred. These two levels were then multiplied and the list was prioritised accordingly.
                            2. Water-borne Diseases : Weils disease
                              1. HIGH RISK
                                1. Not eating and drinking near theriver, washing hands after contact with river and wearing gloves in order to minimise contact with water.
                              2. Drowning
                                1. Avoiding deep water and anything that could cause slippage - moss covered rock
                              3. Methods used
                                1. Width - Measuring Tape
                                  1. Depth - Meter Ruler
                                    1. Velocity - Hydroprop
                                      1. Improvements
                                        1. Go at different time of year when precipitation levels are lower than in November
                                          1. Sample more places and a greater number of time to get more representative data
                                            1. Unable to do originally due to time restraints and private land
                                            2. Collect primary data instead of relying on some secondary data - ensures method is done correctly and the same everywhere as well as up-to-date research
                                              1. Choose a river unaltered by man
                                          2. Data
                                            1. Analysis
                                              1. Spearman's Rank
                                                1. Results: Velocity : 0.684 Discharge : 0.879 Width : 0.877 Depth : 0.216 Wetted Perimeter : 0.916 Gradient : -0.851
                                                  1. Depth didn't meet Model because the river was artifically widened and straightened to reduce flooding at Abinger Hammer
                                              2. Presentation
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