Chapter 15 and 16 Mind Map

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Chapter 15 and 16 Mind Map

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Chapter 15 and 16 Mind Map
1 Criminal Law
1.1 Civil Law
1.1.1 Cases that involve a plaintiff suing another person for damages and money Plaintiff - the person filing the lawsuit Defendant - the person being sued
1.2 Misdemeanors
1.2.1 Less serious crimes that are punishable with less than 1 year in prison
1.2.2 Examples Larceny (shoplifting)
1.3 Felonies
1.3.1 Examples Robbery Murder or Homicide Burglary (Breaking and Entering) Kidnapping Rape
1.4 Steps of a Criminal Case:
1.4.1 A crime is committed Police investigate Arrest a suspect Booking. Fingerprints are taken and their mug shot. Preliminary Hearing (1st time before a judge) Arraignment. Suspect is innocent or guilty. If suspect pleads guilty, a trial date is set. Trial Verdict
2 Constitutional Law
2.1 Administrative Law
2.1.1 the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government.
2.2 Cases over constitutional issues
2.2.1 Gideon vs Wainwright Established right to a lawyer Sixth Amendment Guarantees right to lawyer, trial by jury, and a speedy and public trial
3 US Supreme Court
3.1 Furman vs. Georgia (1972): suspended the use of the death penalty. The Supreme Court ruled the way the death penalty was being used was "arbitrarily". "freakish". The ban on the death penalty would last years.
3.2 Miranda v. Arizona: "Mirandizing" someone came from this case; Ernesto Miranda was arrested, by the Phoenix Police Department, based on circumstantial evidence linking him to the kidnapping and rape of an eighteen-year-old woman ten days earlier
3.3 Mapp v. Ohio (1961): criminal procedure, in which the United States Supreme Court decided that evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment may not be used in state law criminal prosecutions in state courts.
3.4 Gregg v. Georgia (1976): reaffirmed the United States Supreme Court's acceptance of the use of the death penalty in the United States, upholding, in particular, the death sentence imposed on Troy Leon Gregg
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