Ch. 15 & 16

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Ch. 15 & 16

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Ch. 15 & 16
1 criminal law
1.1 Misdemeanors
1.1.1 less serious crimes that are punishable with less than 1 year in prison
1.1.2 Examples larceny (shoplifting)
1.2 felonies
1.2.1 Examples homicide aka murder robbery burglary aka breaking & entering
2 Civil law
2.1 cases that involve a plaintiff suing another person for damages & movie
2.1.1 Plaintiff the person filing the lawsuit
2.1.2 defendant the person being sued
2.2 Tort is a fancy name for civil law
3 Constitutional law
3.1 cases over Constitutional Issues
3.1.1 Gideon v. Wainwright established right to a lawyer for everyone Sixth Amendment guarantees right to a lawyer right to trial by jury fair, speedy, public trial
4 Administrative Law
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