Trafford Out Of Town Retail Park

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trafford Centre

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Trafford Out Of Town Retail Park
  1. Information
    1. Cost £600 million to complete, covering an 150 acre area
      1. 30 million people visit the centre every year
      2. Largest catchment area of any centre in the UK - serves 8% of the UK
        1. Built on a brownfield site 5 miles west of Manchester
        2. Facilities that make Trafford popular
          1. 200 shops and a 1600 seat food court
            1. 20 screen cinema and crazy golf, bowling and laser quest
              1. Long opening hours so can be a complete day trip
              2. Easily accessible : close to the M60 and the M62 from Manchester city centre. Also lots of bus services
                1. 11,500 free parking spaces and traffic control to reduce congestion
                2. Positive impacts:
                  1. The centre supports local community projects - Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital
                    1. Provides local students with work experience in retail
                      1. 8000 employees that have benefits such as healthcare and childcare vouchers
                        1. Continuing to grow, bringing more jobs and economic benefits - Legoland Discovery Centre opened in 2010
                        2. Negative impacts:
                          1. Increased congestion and pollution from visitors
                            1. Fewer people visit local towns as they cant compete with advantages being offered (free parking).
                              1. Altrincham - 37% of shops were vacant in 2010. Triple the national average
                                1. Managing the impact
                                  1. Improving public transport, cycle and pedestrian routes to reduce traffic. 40 new bus services an hour to and from the centre
                                    1. Altrincham Forward produced the Altrincham Town Action Plan - creating strategies to attract people to the area (annual events and reducing parking charges
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