Evaluate the usefulness of a range of indicators of development

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Evaluate the usefulness of a range of indicators of development
1 Economic
1.1 GDP
1.1.1 Value of goods in a country This is more of a national aspect NOT individual income
1.1.2 Liechtenstein highest - does this mean most developed? Congo Bottom
1.2 GNP
1.2.1 includes income from abroad More global aspect
1.3 PPP
1.3.1 Purchasing Power Parity
1.4 Problems
1.4.1 Exchange rates can change prices of things
1.4.2 Distribution of wealth may only be on 1 industry Saudi = Oil Siera Leone = Diamonds If this industry dies - whole country may be in trouble not representative of the level of devel.
1.4.3 Informal economy is not shown in indicators = seems less developed
2 Socail
2.1 Many are subjective and are therefore not great indicators
2.1.1 crime unreported crime figures not included so the indicator is not accurate
2.1.2 Quality of life
2.1.3 Happiness
2.1.4 Corruption perception index
2.2 Others do help to indicate devel. level
2.2.1 Obesity Food not avaiable in LEDC's LDC's
2.2.2 Number of people per car
2.2.3 Pop per Doc V. good indicator MEDC's have low pop per doc uk = 6.7
2.2.4 Literacy Levels V. good higher the levels = more developed Niger = 28.8% Bangladesh = 56.8% UK = 99%
2.2.5 % access to safe water (key indicator)
3 Multiple Component Indices
3.1 Human Development Index
3.1.1 PPP, Lefe expectancy, adult literacy, Avg no. schooling years This is possibly the best indicator as it only uses indices that are relevant to development Uses: economic, Demographics, & socail
3.2 Human Poverty index
3.2.1 % LE <40, % adult literacy, %without safe water, %access to health services,%<5 under weight
3.3 Gini inequality
3.4 These are good indicators as it combines single indicies
3.5 Issues?
4 Intro- definition
4.1 improvement in human welfare, quality of life, technology and social well being whilst growing economically and maintaining a sustianable status that will meet the needs of today and also benefit the future genertations
4.2 Devel. can be measure in a no. of ways
5 Demographics
5.1 DTM
5.1.1 shows apparent stages of development with DR,BR and pop growth
5.2 BR
5.2.1 India - 20.24 births/1000
5.2.2 England - 12.26/1000
5.2.3 Indicates that England (MDC) is more developed than India (NIC/LEDC) Good indicator as generally mean more developed = smaller families as less need for large familes to provide income or simply survive
5.3 DR
5.3.1 India- 7.39 deaths/1000
5.3.2 England- 9.33/1000
5.3.3 Not always the best indicator as countries in LDC's have high DR due to disease ect, MDC's have fairly high DR due to ageing pop.
5.4 Mortality rates
5.4.1 G indicator high in less dveloped 74.87/1000 live births
5.5 Stage of urbanisation is a good indicator
5.5.1 Eg Congo = hasnt reached Agri. Rev
5.5.2 England in Re-urbanisation (highest level)
6 1st, 2nd, 3rd world system
6.1 Out of date
6.1.1 Is not very useful what is a 1st world country? Even up too date there is overlapping of levels factors like; oil rich, Centrally planned
6.2 (refer to Devel. Spectrum)
6.3 Needs to include NIC's, BRIC's LEDC's
6.3.1 NIC/LEDC = India
6.3.2 BRIC= Brazil
6.3.3 LDC = Cameroon, DR Congo
6.3.4 MDC .= England
6.4 1st = WW2 winners , 2nd = WW2 losers and 3= everyone else
6.4.1 Does not really indicate devel.
6.5 gives a good general indication

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