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Geography A2 Level Mind Map on Retail, created by acherm on 12/06/2013.

Created by acherm almost 6 years ago
Customer Service Quiz Retail
Mandy Bullock
Risk Assessment in the Workplace
Antonia Blankenberg
Implementation of HACCP
Andrew Burke
The Rise of the Nazis
Legislative Branch
Mr. Vakhovsky
Customer Service Quiz
Antonia Blankenberg
Retail Health & Safety Quiz
Mandy Bullock
Understanding the Effects of Customer Service
Antonia Blankenberg
Key HACCP Terminology
Andrew Burke
Dealing with Customer Concerns and Issues
Antonia Blankenberg
1 What is retail
1.1 Convenience
1.1.1 Day to Day shops
1.1.2 Food
1.1.3 Fuel
1.1.4 Post Off / Newsagents
1.1.5 Low value
1.2 Comparasion
1.2.1 High value
1.2.2 Less frequent
1.2.3 Electrical goods laptop TV
1.2.4 Cars/garages
1.2.5 Furnishings
1.2.6 Clothing Abercombie Primark????
2 Current Trend in Retailing?
2.1 Decline in CBD
2.1.1 Impact
3 Examples of this
3.1 Dying - Newton Abbott
3.2 Cribbs Causeway
3.3 Regen CBD

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