Chapter 4 Transmitting Bits

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Created by jgossage9 over 5 years ago
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Chapter 4 Transmitting Bits
1 Sending Bits with Electricity and Copper Wires
1.1 Fundemental of Electrical Circuits
1.2 Sending Data Over Electrical Circuits
1.3 Using Ethernet LAN as an Example
2 Sending Bits with Light and Fiber Optic Cables
2.1 The basics of Optical Transmission using FiberOptics
2.2 Fiber Optic Cables
2.3 Fiber Optic Transmitters
2.4 Fiber Optic in Ethenet LAN's
2.5 Fiber Optics in the WAN
3 Send Bits with Radio Waves and No Cables
3.1 Radio Basics
3.2 Wireless Wan's
3.3 Wireless lan's

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