components that influence your health in sport

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components that influence your health in sport
1 smoking
1.1 long term can cause greater risk of developing serious desieses eg. cancer, heart desiese. a medically proven danger. each packet must contain a Government health warning on it.
2 drugs
2.1 includes: illegal drugs eg. heroin, marijuana. many sports players are tempted to take these.
2.2 all are chemical substances that alter the biochemical system once entering the body.
2.3 should only be used when subscribed by a doctor.
3 alcohol
3.1 short term = drunkness
3.2 long term = damage to liver, muscles, heart. causes mental illness & damge to immune system.
4 sex education
4.1 deals with - physical, emotional and social aspects of an indaviduals growth.
5 family life
5.1 value and importance of a supportive family
6 safety
6.1 in different places (including at home, on roads, at school and work & in leisure activities)
7 health related exercise & the importance of exercise
8 nutrition
8.1 health and diet
9 personal hygiene
9.1 focussing on personal cleaness, avoidance of desiese and social considerations
9.1.1 washing regulary - eg. after sport
9.1.2 cleanliness - clean kit needs to be washed very often
10 environmental aspects
10.1 social factors
10.2 physical factors
10.3 economic factors
11 psychological aspects
11.1 mental health
11.2 stress
11.3 emotional wellbeing
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