The Bloody Chamber

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The Bloody Chamber
1 Author's Biography
1.1 Born in England during WW2
1.2 Evacuated as a child to live with grandmother
1.3 Struggled with Anorexia as a teenager
1.4 Left her first husband
1.4.1 Remarried and had one son
1.5 Was a radical feminist
2 Historical Context
2.1 The Lady of the House of Love uses references to WW1
2.2 The stories are set in a vague mythical past.
2.2.1 But they are linked to historical events of 20th century, all have a 'modern tone'
2.3 Her writing has been seen as part of the feminist movement in Britain
2.4 Her acceptance of the works of 'Marquis de Sade' was more radical than most feminists at the time
2.5 She subverts ancient fairy tales to give her female protagonists more agency and sympathy
3 Related Literary Works
3.1 Her themes were influenced by the sexually violent writings of the Marquis de Sade
3.2 The Lady of the House of Love was influenced by the vampire novels written by Anne Rice
3.3 Carter was heavily influenced by Charles Perrault, whose collection of fairy tales 'Histories ou Contes du Temps Passe' was published in 1697
3.4 Isak Dinesen's seven gothic tales influences Carter's writing style and story format
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