The weimar republic 1919-1923

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Created by danielleparsons1 over 5 years ago
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The weimar republic 1919-1923
1 what was the stab in the back theory?
1.1 The belief that Germany was going to win the war, but were betrayed by politicians so Germany refused to accept that they had been been defeated.
1.1.1 Hitler really liked this idea and used it to gain support.
2 strengths and weaknesses of new constitution.
2.1 president- elected every 7years. power to appoint chancellor. article 48 says can make laws without going through reichstag,


  • CHANCELLOR-elected by president. equivalent of British prime minister. had to have support of majority of Reichstag.  the reichstag- power to pass or reject changes in laws. elected by proportional representation every 4 years. german people- over age of 20 could vote for president and reichstag. equal rights including: free speach, travel freely, hold political meetings, freedom of religious belief. 
2.2 Proportional representation
2.2.1 made sure parties given fair share of seats in reichstag, also weakened government by: too many small parties, parties often joined together to form a coalition governments- these were weak and short lived.
2.3 new constitution gave opposition groups freedom to criticise/attack new gov.
3 1919- Germany forced to sign Treaty of Versailles
3.1 Lost land- alsace lorraine returned to France.
3.2 Reparations- victorius powers demanded compensation from damage caused by war- in 1921, reparations made to be £6,600million to be paid in annual instalments.
3.3 War guilt- Germany was to blame for war, Germany believed other countries caused war and they went in as self-defence.
3.4 Military terms- Germany no longer allowed military aircraft& no submarines, navy reduced-6 battleships & 15,000 sailors. army reduced to 100,000
4 why was there opposition in germany to the versailles treat?
5 opposition to the weirmar republic
6 kapp putsch
7 the spartacist uprising

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