The Great Gatsby: Context

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AS - Level English literature (Great Gatsby) Mind Map on The Great Gatsby: Context, created by Tamsin Hackett on 04/19/2016.

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The Great Gatsby: Context
1 Roaring Twenties
1.1 Term to describe 1920s in western world
1.2 Economic prosperity - nation's wealth doubled between 1920-1929
1.3 More lived in urban areas, electricity invented
2 Jazz Age
2.1 Characterised as a period of carefree self-indulgence, wealth, freedom
2.2 Increased prosperity
3 Prohibition
3.1 Sale & manufacture of alcohol prevented by law 1920-1933
3.2 Many bootleggers became rich - Gatsby
3.3 Due to national mood turning against alcohol for religious & moral reasons
4 Flappers
4.1 Fashionable young women intent on enjoying themselves
4.2 Disregarded conventional behaviour standards
4.3 Represented new type of modern woman - less feminine, dressed less conservatively
5 New Technology & Transport
5.1 Radio, silent movies
5.2 First car - Ford, low cost trains - easier to travel e.g. to New York
5.3 Advancement in medicine
6 Conspicuous Consumption
6.1 Lavish spending on goods and services to display income or wealth
6.2 To attain/maintain social status
6.3 Only done publicly
7 The American Dream
7.1 New values in 1920s - instead of wanting equality, people wanted to get as rich as possible
7.2 Traditional values - equality, enjoying life, pursuit of happiness
7.3 Novel represents decline of it
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