How to Avoid 10 common email and Internet scams

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How to Avoid 10 common email and Internet scams
  1. Paypal or Online credit card/ Banking Scams
    1. You might actually be giving a cybercriminal you account info.
      1. You may get an email that says your account will be deactivated
        1. Check if sender's email is suspicious or the email includes a threat
        2. Survey Scams
          1. do not let cybercriminals to accsess your accounts
            1. If you do you will find purchases you have not made
              1. Do not participate in spams
              2. Hidden URL scam
                1. people may get around the twitter character limit
                  1. If people ask to be friends with you, check teir previous status
                    1. Check if their post look like spam, following many people, and pic. looks worthy of someone famous
                    2. Sick Baby Cam
                      1. People might post pics. about donating money to a baby with diseases
                        1. You could send the money to some con artist instead a baby
                          1. Don't share to get money!!
                          2. Suspicious Photo Scam
                            1. If you see one simply delete the link
                              1. If this happens inform your friend that their account has been hacked
                                1. people might tell you about an awful pic. of you and get your account info.
                                2. Quiz Scam
                                  1. Be careful with social network quizzes
                                    1. Don't enter your cell phone number for quizzes without knowing why
                                      1. You will have to pay a large amount for it
                                      2. Hijacked Profile Scam
                                        1. People might hack into a friends account and try to contact you.
                                          1. Don't accept money given by your friends without making sure
                                            1. If they seem suspicius try contacting your friend by other means to find if it is true
                                            2. Nigerian Check Scam
                                              1. You might be asked by some royal-sounding person to recover a large amount of money
                                                1. They will say that you have to pay the transfer fees, but slowly take all your money away.
                                                  1. Don't agree to help anyone for money
                                                  2. Mystery Shopper Scam
                                                    1. you might recive an email and then give money for a package you will never recive
                                                      1. There are many of them. All are designed to steal your money and find where you live
                                                        1. Even if you are asked don't send money for meaterials you will be scamed
                                                        2. Foreign Lottery Scams
                                                          1. some may say that you haves won a certain amount
                                                            1. to avoid it enter the name of the lottery into google ans see if it is real
                                                              1. is when you recive an email about some kind of lottery
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