Collective Identity Revision

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This mindmap has the key concepts for collective identity along with key texts that are relevant to the theory

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Collective Identity Revision
1 Anthony Giddens 1991 - The Theory of Structuration
1.1 The Individual and Society
1.1.1 our social life is more than just random acts
1.1.2 'social order'
1.1.3 'traditions, institutions, moral codes and established ways of doing things'
1.2 Modernity and Self Identity
1.2.1 identity is a conscious activity
1.2.2 breakdown of social structures that have defined previous generations
1.2.3 we look to the media to help us make sense of the world
2 Michel Foucault 1998 - Identity and Power
2.1 rejects all notions of identity
2.2 a way of oppression and exercising power over people
2.3 we are not born powerful but is a learned behaviour
2.4 there is power and also resistence
3 Mediation
3.1 the act of 'going between'
3.2 decisions are made with regard to what aspects of the story to cover
3.3 meaning created will often depend on the agenda
4 Howard Becker1963 - Labelling
4.1 people from a particular area, or of a certain gender, age, or ethnicity are labelled due to these factors
4.2 cannot escape the boundaries of these labels/expectations
5 Albert Cohen 1956 - Status Frustration
5.1 Four factors which contribute to delinquency
5.1.1 Social Class
5.1.2 School Performance
5.1.3 Status Frustration
5.1.4 Reaction Formation
5.2 feeling of frustration when some members of society are denied opportunities to gain social status
5.3 fail to see success in education or a profession, seek status through illegitimate means
5.4 subcultural goals are formed as a way to achieve success elsewhere
6 Emile Durkheim 1893 - Anomie
6.1 a state or condition of individuals of society characterised by an absence or breakdown of legal and social norms
6.2 members of society cannot find their place within society without clear rules and guidance
6.3 rules are broken perhaps through a lack of awareness
7 Key Texts
7.1 Attack The Block
7.2 Plan B Ted Talk
7.3 Quadrophenia
7.4 The London Riots
7.5 Media coverage
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