'Love That Doth Reign Within My Thought' by Henry Howard

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Mind Map on 'Love That Doth Reign Within My Thought' by Henry Howard, created by pinkatb on 04/21/2013.

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Created by pinkatb over 6 years ago
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'Love That Doth Reign Within My Thought' by Henry Howard
1 Structure and form
1.1 Shakespearean sonnet
1.1.1 ABAB rhyme scheme for the fist 3 quatrains, the an ending rhyming couplet.
1.1.2 '...not my foot remove. Sweet is the death that taketh end by love.'
1.2 Iambic pentameter
1.2.1 Emphasises words that are more important the others and creates a chanting rhythm like a marching army
1.2.2 'Love that doth reign and live within my thought.'
1.3 Three quatrains followed by a couplet
1.3.1 Standard for a Shakespearean sonnet
2 Narrative stance
2.1 First person
2.1.1 Allows him to effectively blend experiences and opinions into the poem.
2.2 Male voice
3 Grammar and sentence structure
4 Lexis and imagery
4.1 Semantic field of military words
4.1.1 'fought... banner'
4.2 Love is personified
4.2.2 'And coward Love then to the heart apace Taketh his flight...'
5 Phonology and sound patterning
6 Orthography and punctuation
7 Content/ context
7.1 Unrequited love
7.2 Inventor of his own sonnet form
7.3 The father of English sonnet
7.4 Individualism

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