What is a programming language?

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What is a programming language?
1 It is a language that allows us to communicate with a computer and make all kinds of things happen
1.1 A computer without software is useless
1.2 Connection between us and the machine
1.2.1 There are hundreds of languages, all of them have similarities
1.3 I want something, I communicate to the computer through programming, and it does what I ask
1.4 Based off of instructions, we can use algorithms to make programs, games, and apps
2 Python is one of the best programming languages because it is clean and simple, making it the best for beginners.
2.1 In the modern age, programming is going to be one of the most useful tools that we can have
2.1.1 Python and other programming languages are just like normal languages, they help us to communicate to the computer instead of other people
2.2 In order to learn, we need to download python as our intermediary to communicate between us and the computer
2.2.1 "Scratch is just so bad" -Jesus
2.3 Python can do what other languages do in much less lines.
2.4 Python is extremely teachable, and is considered the best language for beginners
2.5 Python shares the same overall format of most other major languages
2.6 Python is flexible, simple, dynamic, and smart
3 http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/why-python-best https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Python_(programming_language)
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