Impacts of China's One Child Policy

Emma Waring
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Emma Waring
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Mind Map on Impacts of China's One Child Policy, created by Emma Waring on 04/20/2016.

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Impacts of China's One Child Policy
  1. Problems
    1. Women were forced to have abortions - stage of pregnancy was irrelavant
      1. Breach of human rights?
        1. Considered to be cruel by some
          1. Peoples' choices were controlled by the government
          2. Women were persuaded to only have 1 child by family members, workmates and the 'Granny Police' (older women in the village)
            1. Pressurised
            2. Local officials had power over peoples' private lives
              1. Breach of privacy
                1. Controlling
              2. Benefits
                1. Increased technology and exploitation of resources has improved peoples' standard of living
                  1. Higher life expectancy
                  2. New industries have developed
                    1. More sources of income
                      1. More money
                    2. Decreased birth rate
                      1. An estimated 400 million fewer people have been born
                        1. Decreased rate of population growth
                    3. Economic Impacts
                      1. Ageing population
                        1. More benefits required e.g retirement
                          1. More costs to the government
                        2. Smaller working age population (16-64)
                          1. Less tax paid
                            1. Less money available to the government
                        3. Social Impacts
                          1. Infanticide - girls aborted
                            1. Led to a gender imbalance of 41 million more men
                              1. Men struggle to find women to marry
                            2. Ageing population
                              1. 'Little Emperors'
                                1. Only children spoilt by the attention from family members
                                2. Some family units may die out
                                  1. Surnames lost
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