CCNA Certification for Dummies

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CCNA Certification for Dummies
1 Networking Basic
1.1 Data encapsulation
1.2 Binary, Hexadecimal system
1.3 Local Area network
1.4 Introducing wide are network
1.5 Introducing wireless Network
1.6 Network Design
1.7 Introuducing the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
1.8 The OSI Reference Model
1.9 Networking basic


  • pages 5 - 15 I. Purpose of computer Network II.Network applicationn    a. World Wide Web    b. Eletronic mail    c. Remote Control    d. voice over ip and video ove Ip    e. Shared network storage    f. High Availability (HA) and parallel processing      III. Operation Flow of computer Networks IV. Topologies       a. Point to point       b.Ring       c. Bus       d. mesh        
1.10 introuducing cisco hardware and software
2 Wide-Area Networking Basics
2.1 PPP(point-to-Protocol)
2.2 Frame Relay
2.3 HDLC(High Level Data Link Control) Protocol
3 Network Security
3.1 Network Security Basic
3.2 Introducing IP Access Lists
3.3 Introducing Network Address Translation
3.4 Introducing Virtual Private Networks
4.1 Introducing TCP/IP


4.2 TCP/IP Layers and protocols
4.3 IP Addressing
4.4 Subnetting
4.5 Internet Protocol V6
5 Switching with cisco switches
5.1 Introducing layer 2 switches
5.2 Managing switch Using cisco IOS
5.3 Controlling Network Traffic with Cisco Switches
5.4 spanning Tree Protocol
5.5 Virtual Local Area Networks
5.6 Voice Over IP
5.7 Troubleshooting a Switch using cisco ios
6 Wireless Netowork
6.1 Intro Wireless Network
6.2 Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Security
6.3 Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN) operation Mode
6.4 Managing Cisco Wireless Local Area Networks
6.5 Configuring Cisco Wireless Local Area Networks
7 Routing with Cisco Router
7.1 Intro L3 Routers
7.2 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
7.3 Enhance Interior Gateway Routing Protocol EIGRP
7.4 Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
7.5 Network Routing
7.6 Managing router Using Cisco Ios

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