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1 Annotated Sketches**
1.1 Quick and rough 2D and 3D sketches with written notes
1.1.1 Used during idea generation stage Generally communicating with other designers
2 Pictorial Drawings
2.1 Better quality and more detailed 3D drawings and sketches used to explore form and proportion
2.1.1 Used during the early development stage Communicating with other designers and members of the design team to discuss changes to designs and to evaluate aesthetics.
3 Working Drawings **
3.1 Accurate scale drawings with dimensions and hidden detail to show sizes
3.1.1 Used later in the development stage to figure out detailed sizes and make sure parts will fit together. Required for accurate manufacture of the product parts. Communicating with the engineers and manufacturers
4 Illustration Presentation Graphics **
4.1 High quality rendered 3D images of a product or proposed product which give a realistic view of how a product will look.
4.1.1 Used during the development stage to communicate proposed ideas to people with no technical knowledge. Used to help clients who would find it hard to read a more technical drawing appraise and evaluate design proposals. Used by marketing team to promote or advertise a product to potential clients or consumer groups.
5 Computer Models **
5.1 Accurate 3D models created on computer programmes to fine tune the sizes and shapes of components so that they will assemble. Can also be used to create rapid prototype models.
5.1.1 Used at the development stage to ensure that components of a product will fit together during assembly. Can be used as a Presentation Visual for clients as it is easy to understand. Communicating with Manufacturers, other designers, marketing team, engineers, clients and the general public/consumers.
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