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hot deserts


GCSE geography (living world) Mind Map on hot deserts, created by williamsedgwick on 02/02/2014.
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hot deserts
  1. where they are
    1. they are on and around the tropics of cancer and Capricorn but not on the equator. The largest area of desert is in the Middle East and Africa in countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Algeria.
    2. climate
      1. the temperature ranges from approximately 13 degrees in December and January to approximately 33 degrees in June and July
        1. the rainfall varies from approximately 20 degrees in January to non in June, July or August.
          1. at night the temperature can reach -18 degrees
          2. human uses
            1. Thar desert (LEDC)
              1. subsidence farming
                1. farming is limited because the soil contains very few nutrients and is not very fertile
                2. irrigation
                  1. the Indira Ghandi canal irrigates an area near jodhpur. it supplies drinking water and crops can be grown on eather side
                  2. mining
                    1. limestone and gypsum ( for making plaster) are found in the desert and valuable to the building industry
                  3. Sonoran desert (MEDC0
                    1. retirement communities
                      1. the beautiful views, all year round hot weather and sunshine, attract a lot of elderly people to the desert
                      2. golf cources
                        1. the hot weather and increased number of elderly residents has lead to the development of leisure facilities, particularly golf courses
                        2. tourism
                          1. tourism provides a large amount of income for the local residents, people who run buggy tours, moonlight tours, adventure tours and traditional cowboy ranches
                      3. plant adaptations
                        1. they grow slowly and live a long time
                          1. stores water in root bulbs
                            1. wide spread roots to collect a large area of underground water
                              1. green stems to increase rates of photosynthesis
                                1. stems swell up after rain to store water
                                  1. xerophyitic
                                    1. ephemerals only live for a short time, they germinate,grow, flower, produce seeds and die back quickly after rain
                                      1. waxy leaves to reduce water loss and they have a real aroma to stop predators eating them.
                                        1. leaves are tiny thorns to reduce water loss and to stop animals from eating them
                                      2. salinisation
                                        1. salts are deposited on the surface from high levels of evaporation
                                          1. it makes the ground too salty for plants to grow
                                          2. problems
                                            1. salty water
                                              1. no roads
                                                1. no hospital
                                                  1. tourism (more water needed)
                                                    1. fuel
                                                      1. soil erosion
                                                        1. population pressure (leads to over grazing and over cultivation)
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