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1 Grammar
1.1 Is the set of rules that allow us to properly structure sentences and phrases
2 Traditional grammar
2.1 The parts of speech
2.1.1 Nouns
2.1.2 Articles
2.1.3 Adjectives
2.1.4 Verbs
2.1.5 Adverbs
2.1.6 Prepositions
2.1.7 Pronouns
2.1.8 Conjunctions
2.2 It originates from the study of Latin and Greek and it gives us the parts of speech.
2.3 Agreement
2.3.1 Besides the parts of speech, we have some characteristics to structure sentences. For example a verb must agree with the noun, etc.
2.3.2 Number Singular or plural noun
2.3.3 Person First person, second person and third person of singular and plural
2.3.4 Tense Past, present, future
2.3.5 Voice Passive/active
2.3.6 Gender Natural gender This refers to the biological gender a person or animal is born with (female or male) Grammatical gender This is based on the type of noun which could be masculine or feminine and it's not related to sex.
3 Traditional analysis
3.1 Latin verb forms were used to analyze English verbs
4 The prescriptive approach
4.1 Rules for the proper user of English
5 The descriptive approach
5.1 Structural analysis
5.1.1 It investigates the distribution forms in a language by using "test-frames". The "test-frames" are incomplete sentences where you try different parts of speech to see which ones fit better in that section.
5.2 Constituent analysis
5.2.1 This shows how small components can get together to form a larger one, such as a phrase or sentence
5.3 Labeled and bracketed sentences
5.3.1 This is a diagram that shows the labels or breaks down the components of a sentence With this analyzis we can find the hierarchical organization of the components. For example, the Subject is higher and contains a Noun Phrase, it's also higher than the Verb Phrase but this one is higher than the Noun Phrase it contains.
5.4 It studies the structures of a language as it's used.
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