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1 Reshaping Environment Mind Map on 2_Beef, created by stucky702014 on 04/25/2016.

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1 Cow (cattle)
1.1 Water
1.2 Food
1.2.1 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) ... insert notes about adverse and positive effects of CAFOs
1.2.2 75kg-300kg of dry matter (grass/grain) for 1 kg of protein
1.2.3 1/3 of world grain harvest
1.3 Land
1.3.1 Infrastructure
1.3.2 Degredation
1.3.3 Desertification
1.3.4 Rainforest damage (burn forest for new rangeland)
1.4 Immunisations
1.4.1 medical companies MAd cow Disease
1.5 Slaughter
1.5.1 Transportation To the butchers Tools steel and aluminium production energy Packaging synthetic plastic production Canned product Waste Disposal packaging Plastic use Incineration Air pollution through release of harmful pollutants Nitrogen Phosphorus Water pollution through byproduct release to water bodies Hindering biodiversity in water bodies Water usage to clear excess waste Water footprint Net fishing of waste may affect other ecological systems Half of every butchered cow is not consumed Animal Fat Refridgeration Roads and Infrastructure Trucks Fuel Production
1.6 Transportation
1.6.1 Cattle Yards Infrastructure
1.7 Note: There are also dairy cows and draft animals
1.8 Waste
1.8.1 Manure
1.9 Hormones
2 From animal to beef
2.1 Abattoir
2.1.1 Infrastructure Cold Room Storage Air conditioning CFCS greeenhouse emissions as Chlorofluorocarbons Electrical energy tools construction
3 Shops
3.1 Money
3.2 Transportation
3.2.1 Home Waste
3.3 Plastic Bags
3.3.1 Manufactoring crude oil gas
3.3.2 waste Landfill waste Area no longer available for growth of ecologival system Harmful release of gases to the atmosphere
3.4 Receipts / Dockets
3.4.1 Factory forestry water use transport infrastructure
3.5 Marketing
3.5.1 Independant firms TV Radio Catalogues and other print media paper wood foresty ink water waste recycling water Headquarters Building Utilities Concrete steel wokers Transport to work Billboards
3.5.2 Time
3.6 Fastfood industry
3.6.1 Fatty food Health problem
4 Cooking
4.1 BBQ
4.2 Fry Pan
4.2.1 steel manufactoring utilities
4.3 utilities
4.4 Human body
4.4.1 Dioxin (Cancer causing)
4.4.2 Alzheimer's disease
4.4.3 Cardiovascular disease
4.4.4 Heart disease
4.4.5 Dementia
4.4.6 Obesity
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