High Performance Teams

Karen Alm
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Karen Alm
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Mental map of HPT

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High Performance Teams
1 What is it?
1.1 They are high and autonomous teams that work together toward achieving a common goal.
1.2 Senior management intervetion within this teams involves participating mainly in planing and deployment
2 Common purpose
2.1 Achieve specific objectives and doing it with exceptional performance
3 Clear roles
3.1 Each team member is clear about his specifc role, just as the rest of the members
3.2 Roles allow us design, deploy, and divide work between team
4 Accepted leadership
4.1 HPT´s are not directed but require accepted leadership .
5 Effective processes
5.1 They constantly evaluate effectiveness of their key precesses with quesions such as:
5.1.1 How are we doing it
5.1.2 What are we learning?
5.1.3 What can we do to improve results?
6 Solid relations
6.1 Team members that look the world in different perspectives.
7 Effective communication
7.1 Fast, effective, accurate and clear communication
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