Types of Proteins

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- Structure and function of Globular proteins - Structure and function of Fibrous proteins

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Types of Proteins
1 Globular
1.1 Round and compact
1.2 Hydrophilic R groups are pushed to the outside of the molecule, due to interactions in the tertiary structure
1.2.1 Soluble Easily transported in fluids
1.3 Haemoglobin
1.3.1 Carrier oxygen around the body in red blood cells
1.3.2 Conjugated protein "A protein with a non-protein group" Non-protein part is the prosthetic group Each of the four polypeptide chains has a prosthetic group called haem Haem group contains an iron which bonds with oxygen
1.4 Insulin
1.4.1 Hormone secreted by Pancreas
1.4.2 Regulate blood glucose levels
1.4.3 Solubility is important, as it can be transported in the blood
1.4.4 2 polypeptide chains connected by disulfide bonds
1.5 Amylase
1.5.1 Enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of starch in the digestive system
1.5.2 Single chain of amino acids
1.5.3 Secondary structure contains both A-helix and B-pleated sheets
1.5.4 Most enzymes are globular proteins
2 Fibrous
2.1 Insoluble and Strong
2.1.1 Structural proteins that are fairly unreactive
2.2 Collagen
2.2.1 Found in animal connective tissues, such as bone and skin
2.2.2 Strong Molecule
2.2.3 Minerals can bind to the protein to increase its rigidity
2.2.4 Quaternary Structure
2.3 Keratin
2.3.1 Found in external structures of animals eg: nails
2.3.2 It can either be flexible (skin) or hard and tough (nail)
2.4 Elastin
2.4.1 Found in elastic connective tissue
2.4.2 It is elastic and allows tissue to return to its original shape if it has been stretched
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