Religion and Multiculturalism

Jasvinder Kaur
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Mind Map on Religion and Multiculturalism, created by Jasvinder Kaur on 04/28/2016.

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Jasvinder Kaur
Created by Jasvinder Kaur over 3 years ago
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Religion and Multiculturalism
1 Key words: IMMIGRATION - moving from another country to the UK, MULTICULTURAL - consisting of many cultures, races and religions, EMIGRATION - people leaving their own countries to live in another, FAITH COMMUNITY - a group of people belonging to the same religion.
2 Reasons for Britain becoming multicultural: Invasion, economic opportunities, encouragement from the UK government and freedom to practice their religion.
3 Advantages of multiculturalism
3.1 make life more interesting
3.2 a wide variety of cuisine
3.3 opportunity to learn about other cultures and religions
3.4 Access to critical skills and jobs
3.5 Better public services
3.6 Different sorts of music
3.7 Different traditions
4 Disadvantages of multiculturalism
4.1 Prejudice between members of different cultures
4.2 A tendency to blame immigrants for lack of housing
4.3 Schools struggle to cater
4.4 Isolation of ethnic minority groups
4.5 Difficult in meeting the needs e.g. off work
5 Christian politics: a group of people who encourage Christians to get involved in the Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrat parties. One of their initiatives has been to hold an annual West minister carol service.
6 Islamic Party of Britain: they are actively engaged in British politics. They rule several countries, such as Iran.
7 Religion and Politics should mix: important to have just laws and honest people in government, religious believers should think of others first.
7.1 Religion and politics should not mix: might lead to laws that do not reflect what most people believe, might conflict with their faith.
8 State religion is the official religion of a Country
8.1 The Church of England is the state religion of Britain.
9 Blasphemy laws prevent people from using offensive words about religion or God. There is a law in the UK that prevents blasphemy against the Church of England.
10 Why does Britain need immigrants?
10.1 Essential skills: provide skills which are needed
10.2 Contribution to the economy: Britain has an ageing population
10.3 Motivation: Immigrants would do the work that native British people might not want to do
11 Problems with immigration
11.1 a threat of jobs
11.2 prejudice against people with a different language, religion or cukture
11.3 planning is required to integrate immigrants into society
11.4 Racial tension can upset community
11.5 Not enough homes, health services and school places
11.6 Political parties wish to stop non-white immigration
12 Asylum seekers are people who seek to be recognised as a refugee and hopes to be given permission to stay in another country. We can encourage integration as opposed to segregation by keeping people together and allowing them to celebrate other festivals. Religious believers would help asylum seekers because they might be endangered in their home country.
12.1 Eid UI Fitr: a celebration at the end of fasting, it brings the community together by having a special meal together.
13 Hope: a Christian community which started in 2008. It aims to encourage all children nominations to work together to serve the whole community. In London the community is growing and it is influencing to spread peace and harmony.
14 Christmas: celebrating the birth of Jesus, it brings the community together by everyone getting together in Churches to pray.
15.1 "Then give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."(C)
15.2 "Whoever does good work, male or female, and he or she is a believer, such will enter paradise."(I)

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