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What is the definition of “Blasphemy Laws”? Laws that prevent the talk or behaviour that insult god(s)
Fill in the gaps: “No one is my ______ , none a ______ and everyone is my ______” Enemy, stranger, friend
What is the difference between immigration and emigration? Immigration is moving to a new country and emigration is leaving your home country to move into another.
What is an asylum seeker? Someone who is living in an unsafe country and seeking refuge to move to another safe country.
What does tolerance mean? The permitting of social, religious and cultural differences without protest, discrimination or inference.
What is a state religion? The official religion of a country.
What is the state religion of the UK? Church of England
Give two reasons Britain is seen as an attractive place to live to migrants. Invasion, escape from political persecution, freedom to practise their religion, economic opportunities, encouragement from UK government.
What does diversity mean? Differences in customs, religious beliefs or opinion.
Give two advantages of multiculturalism A diversity of cultures and lifestyles, different religions customs and ways of celebrating festivals, range of cuisine, range of music, learn about other cultures, dynamic economy.
Give two disadvantages of multiculturalism unrest between different groups, blaming immigrants for issues, communication problems, barriers in learning, prejudice, segregation.
Give two reasons religions and politics should mix. it is important to have just laws and honest people in government, protect religious freedoms every area of life should be represented in politics.
Give two reasons religions and politics should not mix. Politics is about power- religion is about spirituality, some faiths may take offence if others are in power, laws may reflect what others don't believe.
What are the queens titles as head of the monarchy? Supreme governor of the Church of England or Defender of the Faith.
What do we mean by freedom of choice? the idea that people can choose whatever they wish.
Why does Britain need immigrants? Essential skills, contribution to the economy, motivation.
What are some of the problems with immigration? People may lose jobs, people may be prejudiced to others, integration takes work, racial or religious tension, radical parties, pressure on public services.
What do we mean by political correctness? describes language, ideas, policies or behaviours seen as trying to minimise offence to racial, cultural or other identity groups.
What is integration and segregation? Integration is encouraging faith communities to live and work together as equals. Segregation is separating people according to their race or religion.
Fill in the gaps.... 'Love thy........................ as thyself.' 'Love thy neighbour as thyself.'
Who are HOPE- the faith community? A Christian initiative who encourage all Christian denominations to work together to serve whole community by supporting non religious organisations.
What do the Curry Project do? Set up by Sikh's initially and now a multi faith run group to feed the homeless and help those in need.
What is a custom? accepted or habitual practice, usually of long standard.
What is a faith community? A group of people belonging to the same religion.
What does multicultural mean? Consisting of many cultures, races and religions.
Complete the quote; 'Then give to ............ what is ..................., and give to ....... what is .............' 'Then give to Caesar what is Caesar, and give to God what is God.'
What does the NHS stand for? National Health Service
Give an example of a reason an asylum seeker may come to Britain. Fleeing from Syria.
Complete the quote; 'And...... does good works, whether.............. or .............. and he (or she) is a .............., such will enter ...........................' 'And whoso does good works, whether male or female and he (or she) is a believer, such will enter paradise'
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