Medicine through time (Ancient History)

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Medicine through time (Ancient History)
  1. Prehistory
    1. Causes
      1. Evil spirits
        1. Common sense
        2. Surgery
          1. Trephining
            1. Hole in the head to release the evil spirit within
            2. Simple Splints
              1. To set broken bones
                1. Made with mud and tree bark
              2. Treatments
                1. Herbal remedies
                  1. Prayers and chants
                    1. Via a medicine man
                      1. Charms and amulets
                  2. Ancient Egypt
                    1. Causes
                      1. Channel Theory
                        1. Believed there to be channels running in the body
                          1. Believed that if a channel became blocked then that area of the body became ill.
                          2. Inspired by The Nile
                          3. Gods and Spirits
                          4. Treatments
                            1. Herbal Remedies
                              1. Potions and charms (supernatural)
                                1. Regular washing in order to maintain purity
                                  1. Surgery
                                    1. Cutting out swellings and sewing up wounds
                                  2. Factors
                                    1. Religion
                                      1. Mummification
                                      2. Trade and Writing
                                        1. Allowed an increased knowledge to spread
                                    2. Ancient Greece
                                      1. Religion
                                        1. Asclepion
                                          1. Temple where Asclepios (the god of healing along with his daughters, Pancea and Hygeia) would heal someone who gave an offering and spent the night in his temple
                                        2. Hippocrates!
                                          1. 4 Humours Theory
                                            1. Humours had to be balanced or illness would ensue
                                            2. Encouraged observation and recording of illnesses
                                              1. Hippocratic Oath
                                                1. Look for natural treatments
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