Cool Temperate Oceanic Climate

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Cool Temperate Oceanic Climate
  1. Mid Latitude
    1. Location : 40 and 60 north and south of equator
      1. North west Europe, New Zealand, North west coast America, Southern Chile
    2. Winter : above 0 in winter (winter frost) Summer : 14 and 20
      1. Rainfall high 500 and 2000mm(Ireland=1500mm and 2000mm)
        1. Throughout year but winter maximum
          1. Ireland= south westerly wind(carry rain Atlantic)
            1. Cloudy Changeable
          2. Brown earth-fertile(humus)
            1. Humus- dark jelly like substance of decomposed plants and creatures. Humus washed down by rain making it fertile
              1. Support strong agriculture industry
            2. Deciduous forests (oak,ash,beech,elm)
              1. Cleared(agriculture,settlement and transport)
              2. Deer,fox and badger in deciduous forests
                1. Agriculture.Brown earth fertile=pastoral farming
                  1. harvest in summer,autumn stall feed animals winter
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