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khilafat movement
  1. 1. causes
    1. british threat to dismember Turkish empire
      1. muslims unwilling to fight fellow muslims in Turkey
        1. muslims outrage at the suggestion of spliting turkey ,the khalifa
        2. 2. khilafat conferences
          1. first
            1. Delhi..November 1919
              1. to persuade british to keep their promise
                1. Maulana Shaukat Ali, Maulana M. Ali Jauhar, Maulana Abdul Kalam & Mahatma Gandhi
                  1. non-cooperation
                    1. surreendering titles
                      1. withdrawing children from govt. schools
                        1. boycotting british courts
                          1. donot join armed forces
                            1. boycotting foreign goods
                              1. refusing to stand for elections
                              2. muslim strengths
                              3. second
                                1. Amritsar..December 1919
                                  1. all three organisations should oppose british
                                    1. gandhi to persuade british not to punish Turkey
                                    2. third
                                      1. 8 July 1921
                                        1. offended british
                                          1. leaders were arrested
                                            1. non cooperation
                                          2. 3. DEVELOPMENT
                                            1. general anti-british protests
                                              1. great embarrassment
                                                1. british announced widespread arrests
                                                2. to protect and foster islam
                                                  1. hijrat
                                                    1. August 1920 to Afghanistan
                                                      1. 18000 muslims
                                                        1. sold land and property
                                                          1. told that they would be welcomed
                                                            1. but.......
                                                              1. refused entry of large number of people
                                                                1. sent back
                                                                  1. so..........
                                                                    1. nothing was left when they came back
                                                          2. 4. IN TROUBLE
                                                            1. battle btw locals and british soldiers in Nilambur
                                                              1. police station set on fire after stealing ammunition in Tirur
                                                                1. in february 1922, 21 policemen were killed for firing on political procession in CHAURI CHAURA
                                                                  1. gandhi arrested and imprisoned for 6 years
                                                                  2. 5. REASONS FOR FAILURE
                                                                    1. more concern with fate of Khalifa than people of Turkey
                                                                      1. hindus were only helping for self-rule
                                                                        1. strength of anti-british it created
                                                                        2. 6. CONSEQUENCES
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