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Source Analysis for task force times cartoon 1948

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Source Analysis
1 Provenance/ origins of the source
1.1 Produced by an American pilot serving in the Berlin airlift
1.1.1 Sergeant Jake Schuffert
1.2 Cartoon was featured in the Task Force times
1.2.1 Produced by the US government especially for the Berlin airlift and blockade
1.3 Date- the year given at the top is 1948, right in the middle of the airlift.
2 Audience
2.1 Readers of the Task Force Times
2.1.1 Set up to promote competition between the airforce units.
2.1.2 contained the aircraft unit's statistics
2.2 Therefore, not available to the general public
2.3 represents the views of those in the airforce units.
3 Implied meaning
3.1 Those involved saw no possible end to the airlift.
3.2 The coal and flour 'medals' devalue the operation, suggesting it was not as worthy as their previous tasks.
3.3 Taken literally, the coal and flour were being dropped in to Berlin
4 Source context
4.1 Many military operations involved sitting around for long periods of time while important preparations were made. The Berlin Airlift was no exception. This was not a relaxing time. Aircrews had to sit around waiting tensely for their flight to begin.
4.2 •Several American cartoonists commented on this problem. One anonymous cartoonist produced the famous Fassberg diary. This was a joke diary of the Berlin Blockade, and ended with the fliers still transporting goods into Berlin in the year 3200!
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