Chinas One Child Policy

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Chinas One Child Policy
1 Background
1.1 Introduced in 1979
1.2 Population growing too rapidly
1.2.1 Run out of food and other resources
2 How did it work?
2.1 Laws, taxes, better healthcare and persuasion
2.2 Family's who have more than 1 child may have to pay for health care and education for 2nd child
2.3 Family's with more than one child are left out from society
2.3.1 Lose child/house benefits, pay more tax and can lose their job
3 Effects
3.1 Worked well
3.1.1 Still a predicted rise of 100 million between 2005 and 2025
3.2 Less enforced in rural areas
3.2.1 Need children to work on farms
3.3 Increased rate of female infanticide
3.3.1 Wanted sons for a higher social status and family will be looked after in old age
4 Immediate and long term problems
4.1 Abuse of human rights
4.1.1 Forced abortions (could be tortured if they wouldn't)
4.2 Men outnumber women 120:100
4.2.1 30 million more men by 2020
4.3 4-2-1 problem
4.3.1 One child to support 2 parents and 4 grandparents
4.4 Spoilt Children
5 Stake holders
5.1 Individuals
5.2 Families
5.3 Government
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