Main factors which influence food choice

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Main factors which influence food choice
1 Shopping/online shopping
1.1 24 hour shopping
1.2 Online shopping
1.2.1 Saves time (+)
1.2.2 Disabled/housebound (+)
1.2.3 Compare prices at home (+)
1.2.4 Delivered but charges-increased cost (+/-)
1.2.5 Don't choose products (-)
1.2.6 Security-pay online(-)
2 Likes and dislikes
2.1 Single portions
2.2 Looks, smells, tastes good
3 Working hours/ shifts
3.1 Mums work-foods kids can make
3.2 Shift work-eat at different times
3.3 Families don't eat together
3.4 Microwave meals
4 Allergies
5 Advertising and media
5.1 TV
5.2 Target groups eg free toy for kids
5.3 Legislation-adverts for kids
6 Peer pressure
6.1 Fit in with friends
6.2 Show individuality
7 Nutritional knowledge
7.1 Less knowledge-less healthy choices
7.2 Traffic light system/GDAs
7.3 Labels hard to understand
8 Travel and knowledge of world needs
8.1 People more adventurous
8.2 More variety of ethnic restaurants
9 Special dietary needs
9.1 Religion
9.2 Diet-related diseases
9.3 Intolerances/allergies
9.4 Stage of life
10 Lifestyle
10.1 Lack of skill-take always/Convenience
10.2 Food on the move
10.3 Working parent-ready meals
10.4 Tv-more home cooking
11 Budget avaiable
11.1 Limited- Buy popular high fat high sugar food
11.2 Fruit +veg= expensive
11.3 Budget brands
11.4 Healthy versions eg whole meal=expensive
11.5 Special offers often on unhealthy foods
11.6 Near use by date=reduced-put in freezer
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