The Use of Pesticides

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Negative effects of pesticides

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The Use of Pesticides
  1. Personal Consequences
    1. Scientists have found that pesticides used on our plants end up in our water systems and the foods we eat, as well as the air we breathe
      1. The exposure to pesticides over a long period of time can cause the chemicals to repetitively enter our systems, building up in our systems
      2. Scientific Consequences
        1. These pesticides can then cause tragic effects to babies while a woman is pregnant. Long term effects also include cancer, damage to the reproductive system, liver, brain, and other parts of the body.
          1. childhood exposure to some of the most common pesticides on the market may greatly impact the development of the central nervous system
            1. Children have more skin surface for their size than adults, absorb proportionally greater amounts of many substances through their lungs
              1. Many of the activities that children engage in while playing on the grass increases their interaction with toxic pesticides
            2. Legal and Ethical Consequences
              1. The amount of pesticides that are exposed to the people of this region violates their right to health
                1. Those who purchase such pesticides for their home uses (i.e. lawn,etc.) should not be able to buy such products and/or be aware of the effects.
                  1. It is our government's responsibility to ensure that farmers are able to obtain these products from the public
                    1. The largest problem with pesticides is that they reach non-targeted species
                      1. 98% of sprayed insecticides reach a destination other than their target species
                        1. 95% of herbicides effect a non-targeted species
                      2. Economic Consequences
                        1. Many illnesses and deaths have occurred due to the exposure of pesticides, by careless handling or by wearing insufficient protective clothing
                          1. Not many people want to live near farms/places that use an excess amount of pesticides
                            1. The decrease in bee populations due to pesticides use will negatively impact the agricultural economy by billions of dollars
                            2. Social Consequences
                              1. pesticide residues in human foods, both imported and home-produced, are numerous
                                1. The stakeholders are the farmers/people who are purchasing these pesticides to use on their plants.
                                  1. The scientists and factories that produce the pesticides are being employed, while it is harming their health
                                    1. It is undesirable to the neighbours of those who use pesticides, as it negatively affects the communities health
                                    2. Environmental Consequences
                                      1. When the pesticides are being sprayed, they are blown by the wind and are transferred to different areas
                                        1. pesticides also enter the soil, affecting anything being grown
                                          1. If it is plants/crops being grown, then those who consume the foods will digest the pesticides (humans,animals,etc.)
                                            1. Weakening plant root systems and immune systems
                                              1. Reducing concentrations of essential plant nutrients in the soil such nitrogen and phosphorous
                                              2. the pesticides are rained on, allowing them to travel into our water system.
                                                1. This water is used by humans and animals to drink and to bathe in
                                                2. Chronic health effects may occur years after even minimal exposure to pesticides in the environment,
                                                  1. pesticides are a major threat to bees, poisoning of flowers has killed many of them.
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