Greek Medicine

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Greek Medicine
1 Asclepius The Greek God of Healing
1.1 His daughters were: Hygeia and Panacea. They also helped in healing. Words: Hygiene, cleanliness, and panacea were remedies for illnesses called after their names.
1.2 His temples were called Asclepions and people would stay at them when they were ill. Similar to a health farm or Catholics going on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. The cult of Asclepius was most popular in the 5th and 4th centuries BC.
1.3 An example of a healing ritual: Placing snakes on the patients. The snake is the sacred animal of Asclepius and can still be seen in many logos of many medical organisations.
2 Hippocrates
2.1 Encouraged the use of four step method for treating illness which would now be recognised as "Clinical Method of Observation"
2.1.1 Diagnosis > Prognosis > Observation > Treatment
2.1.2 Discouraged the idea of Gods or spirits being causes of illness. "Airs, Waters and Places" a book from the Hippocratic Corpus. It looks for environmental causes for disease.
2.2 The books "Prognostic" "Coan Prognostic" and "Asphorisms" were improved/built off of Egyptian ideas of diagnosis. Which suggested that by studying enough cases, a doctor could learn to predict the course of an illness.
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