3. Greeks Medicine

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Facts about Greek Medicine.Comment below If this helps you :)

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3. Greeks Medicine
1 Who treated illness
1.1 Trained doctors
1.2 Priest in the Asclepeia
1.3 Family
2 What did they think caused diseases?
2.1 Gods
2.2 Four humours
2.2.1 Yelllow bile
2.2.2 Black bile
2.2.3 Blood
2.2.4 Phlegm
3 Treatment/Prevention
3.1 Herbal remedies
3.2 Charms
3.2.1 Superstition
3.3 Balance the humours
3.4 Carefully observation
3.5 Rest, improved diet and exercise
3.6 Visit the temple of Asclepius
4 Key ideas
4.1 Four humours
4.1.1 The humour have to be perfectly balance inorder the person to be healthly If not – taking in or bleeding out to correct the balance of the humours
4.2 Asclepuis
4.2.1 One Visit the Temple of Asclepuis could cure you.
4.3 Careful observation and recording symptons
5 Example of change
5.1 Observe and record
5.2 Asclepius
5.3 Four humors
6 Example of continuity
6.1 Superstitions
6.2 Continued search for natural cause
6.3 No idea of the real cause of disease
7 Key figures
7.1 Hippocrates
7.1.1 Wrote book Hippocratic Collection
7.1.2 Developed theory of the four humours
7.1.3 Promoted natural treatments
7.1.4 Hippocratic oath Used today
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