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1 About
1.1 About the course
1.2 About the author
1.3 Learning Objectives
2 Title
3 Welcoming text
4 Lessons
4.1 What is notes and where do they live
4.1.1 Notes on piano
4.1.2 Notes on staff
4.2 Rhythm - arranging notes in time
4.3 Notes on guitar. Open strings. Frets
4.3.1 Open strings
4.3.2 Frets
4.3.3 Octave grid. Five Positions
4.4 Major and minor scales itselves. The structure
4.4.1 Parallel scales and their interrelations
4.4.2 Scale degrees - there are only 7 at all
4.5 Fingering of the scales in known positions
4.5.1 Interrelations of scales on the fretboard - one fingering for both scales
4.5.2 Finding of scale degrees in positions on the guitar
4.6 Intervals
4.6.1 Definition and names in terms of degree
4.6.2 Width in half steps
4.6.3 Constructing on the fingerboard
4.6.4 Inversions of intervals
4.7 Chords in common theory
4.7.1 General definition. Triads
4.7.2 Major and Minor triads. Structure. Interrelation with uderlying scales
4.8 Triads in known positions
5 Glossary of terms
5.1 Common music theory
5.2 Guitar terms
6 Contacts
6.1 e-mail
7 Links and credits
7.1 Disclaimer
7.2 Links on videos
7.3 Thanks
8 Background images
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