Christianity: Science & Belief

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Area 1: Sources of human understanding -Christian Revelation -Scientific Enquiry -Christianity, Science and the Origins of Human Life Area 2: What is the Origin of the Universe? - A Creator God -The Big Bang Theory Area 3: Is there Compatibility between Christian and Scientific Theory? Area 4: the Origins if Human Life -Christianity approaches to the Origins of Human Life -Science and Theory of Evolution -Christian responses to the Theory of Evolution

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Christianity: Science & Belief
1 Scientific Method
1.1 Observation: see it & why
1.1.1 Hypothesis: a theory why it happened, educated guess Experiment: check hypothesis, controlled examination of the evidence Verification: re-run experiment multi. times, make sure is correct 'scientific principle' Only Hamsters Eat Vomit
1.2 Frances Bacon
1.3 Develop a system that would give people the practical knowledge that would benefit the Human Race
1.4 However, can be proven to be false through the FALSEFICATION THEORY
1.4.1 Just because something happens time and time again it dies not ensure that it will always happen
2 Revilation
2.1 General: awareness of God around you. e.g. some see the human conscience as God
2.2 Special: God shows himself more directly or special ways, e.g. visions and dreams
2.3 God reveals himself and his purposes through the bible. Latin word revelare means to remove the veil

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