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un cuento que trata de un fantasma sin cabeza

Valentina Orlas Isaza
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1 characters
1.1 main
1.1.1 ichabod crane he had long arms,long legs an very big feet.his head was small with very big ears and a long noseand he looked as if he never had enough to eat
1.1.2 katrina van tassel She was tall young and beautiful
1.2 secondary
1.2.1 mr van tassel had a long nose and big ears
1.2.2 brom It was a very shrewd man
2 start
2.1 Greenburgh was a village I believed a lot in ghosts have lived a teacher named Ichabod the I had no home but slept and ate in the house of their students and that depended on that so good was the food. ichabod falls for a beautiful young woman named katrina van mr daughter Tossel van tassel a lord very wealthy.ichabod wanted to marry the young katrina but had an opponent who was called brom .brom was a very intelligent man and would do anything to be he who managed to marry katrina
2.1.1 knot one day everyone was invited to a party at the house of katrina, there brom began to play tricks to ichabod that the rider without head would get him (the rider without head was a legend of a soldier who died and buried his body but never found his head, said the rider now is looking for a new head wear) ichabod was very austado to end the party is going through the woods and there are several takes fright and leave the village and go to new york outcome brom marries katrina and ichabod in new york begins another life with a family home and children