Outline and evaluate neural mechanisms in human aggression

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A-Level Psychology (PSYA3: Aggression) Mind Map on Outline and evaluate neural mechanisms in human aggression, created by a a on 05/23/2016.

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Outline and evaluate neural mechanisms in human aggression
1 Serotonin
1.1 Mann ’90
1.1.1 35 ppts given dexfenfluramine, which lowers serotonin. A questionnaire was then given that assessed hostility & aggression. The drug increased aggression in males, but not women
1.2 Scerbo & Raine
1.2.1 Meta-analysis of 29 studies of anti-social kids & adults. All had lower serotonin levels. It was far lower in those that were suicidal. Ppts had more impulsive behaviour, as there’s less communication between prefrontal cortex & rest of brain
1.3 Raleigh
1.3.1 Monkeys were given low tryptophan diets, which makes serotonin. Their aggression therefore increased
2 Dopamine
2.1 Lavine ’97
2.1.1 Amphetamines increase dopamine, so increase aggression
2.2 Beitlaar
2.2.1 Antipsychotic drugs lower both dopamine & aggression
2.3 Couppis & Kennedy
2.3.1 Mice learned aggression due to triggering of dopamine reward pathway
3 AO2
3.1 Scerbo & Raine
3.1.1 Unreliable as meta-analysis have studies full of different techniques
3.2 Ethical issues
3.2.1 Older studies are mostly on animals, which can’t always be applied to humans
3.2.2 Is it ethical to manipulate serotonin levels in ppts? May this not cause psychological harm?
4.1 Gender bias
4.1.1 Almost all ppts are male
4.2 Reductionism
4.2.1 What about individual differences? SLT?
4.3 Biological determinism
4.3.1 No free will in our actions? Does biological makeup cause aggression or is it just a link?
4.4 Real world
4.4.1 Level of determinism can be useful to develop anti psychotic drugs so can have a benefit
4.5 Do neural mechanisms not just give a predisposition to aggression? Some people with low serotonin may not always be aggressive

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