Curriculum Design

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capitulo 1 curriculum introduction

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Curriculum Design
  1. IS
    1. The art of planning a course
      1. includes
        1. Gathering, ordering , texting,reviewing and editing ideas
          1. it analyzes
            1. Principles
              1. considers
                1. leaning style, motivation, attitudes of learner,
                  1. made when
                    1. principles monitor, asses, and approve the curriculum design
                      1. impacts
                        1. the development of goals of the course
                        2. made by
                          1. research and practice of designing lessosns
                            1. important factors
                              1. the flow the course will have, the materials to be used taking in account the principles of teaching and learning and also the needs and environment analysis
                2. enviroment
                  1. Time, resources, teacher's and curriculum designer skills and weaknesses, learners background
                    1. important factors
                      1. course goals, class shape, classroom environment,students age, culture
                    2. considers
                    3. Needs
                      1. considers
                        1. students future expertise, wants and needs
                          1. made throughout
                            1. interviews, tests,questions, recalling previous performance, consulting others involved, collecting data from manuals and textbooks,list made by the students
                              1. under criteria of
                                1. reliability, validity and practicality
                3. its core is
                  1. Course goals
                    1. based on main purpose of the course
                      1. determines
                        1. content, focus, assessment
                  2. what plans?
                    1. content and sequencing,
                      1. occurs when
                        1. the teacher makes sure if the content is useful and covers all objectives of the course
                          1. includes
                            1. items, ideas,skills, strategies that will achieve the goals of the course,
                              1. it is important to cover grammar, vocabulary, and discourse. It is better if the designer perform its own list considering the curriculum approaches.
                      2. format and presentation
                        1. its pourpose is
                          1. to help students with the learning process
                            1. includes
                              1. the technique used by teacher
                                1. aspects to consider
                                  1. sequence and type of activity might vary, and it is important repetition of content during the course
                        2. monitoring and assessing
                          1. occurs when
                            1. observing learning,tests,results ,provide feedback to learner
                              1. types of tests
                                1. proficiency test, achievement test, placement test
                                  1. tools used
                                    1. checklists, report forms student diaries learning logs folders speeches.
                        3. aspect to consider
                          1. Evaluation
                            1. involves
                              1. obervation of all aspects of the course
                              2. determines
                                1. if the course is adequate, which aspects needs imporvement
                                2. if the course is good
                                  1. if attracts a lot of students, makes a lot of money, satisfy learners, teachers and sponsors, help learners in external courses, if it is in high regard in the local or international community
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