Migration- Mexico to USA

Bradley Sansom
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Geography (Case studies) Mind Map on Migration- Mexico to USA, created by Bradley Sansom on 02/16/2014.

Bradley Sansom
Created by Bradley Sansom over 5 years ago
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Migration- Mexico to USA
1 Facts
1.1 The border between USA and Mexico is 2000km long.
1.2 Over 1 million Mexicans migrate to USA ever year.
1.3 850,000 Mexicans were caught in 1995 illegally in the country.
1.4 US Border Patrol guard the border to prevent illegal migration.
1.5 Illegal migration is just a bigger problem to Mexico than it is to USA.
2 Push Factors (Mexico)
2.1 Low paid jobs (GNP=$3750)
2.2 Poor education (Adult literacy= 55%)
2.3 Poor medical facilities
2.4 Poor living conditions
3 Pull Factors (USA)
3.1 Well paid jobs (GNP=$24,750, $21,000 more than Mexico)
3.2 Good education (Adult literacy= 99%, 44% more than Mexico)
3.3 Good medical facilities
3.4 Better living conditions
3.5 Large job opportunities
4 Impacts on Mexico
4.1 Shortage of economically active people
4.2 It’s mostly the men that migrate, leaving a large amount of women unable to find a partner.
4.3 Young people tend to migrate the most, leaving the old and the very younger (aging population).
4.4 Legal and illegal immigrants send back approximately $6 million a year.
4.5 Towns, villages and cities losing inhabitants
5 Impacts on USA
5.1 Illegal migration costs the US government millions of dollars on border patrol and prisons.
5.2 They benefit the US economy by working for low wages.
5.2.1 This puts a higher demand on jobs
5.3 Migrant workers keep wages low affecting American workers.

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