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Mind Map on Devices, created by Ernestas Jadlauskas on 05/24/2016.

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  1. Input
    1. Mouse
      1. A mouse is a thing u need for a computer or you wont be able to use the computer . It's like a hand it moves anywhere your hands makes it moves .
      2. Keyborad
        1. You press the keys then the keyboard inputs it in the computer .
        2. Camera
          1. A camera works by clicking a litle button then the camera will flash and then it will take your photo.
          2. Wireless Controllers
            1. The wireless controller connects to the anything that has the same connects like a xbox 1 controller connects to the console xbox 1 .
          3. Output
            1. Speakers
              1. You connect the phone or what ever your using and it just makes your music much louder .
              2. Monater
                1. A monater works by putting stuff in it like wires and mico chips to make it work so when you connect the computer to it it will make the screen work .
                2. Phone
                  1. You use it like to call or message your friend or family . You can also play games or listen to music , take photos and many more things to do .
                  2. Headphones
                    1. You plug the earphones or the head phones but the music plays in the ear/headphones not so everyone can hear .
                    2. Scanner
                      1. It's like a scanner in shops you scan the lable and it make your life much easy without maths .
                      2. Projecter
                        1. A projecter works the same as a screen but it makes it look a bigger screen .
                      3. Storage
                        1. USB Storage Device
                          1. Hardrive
                            1. hardrive and USB storage devices are the same they both same data or storage it .
                          2. CD/DVD
                            1. You put DVDS or CDs in devices that your can put it in then it will show what ever it's meant to show .
                          3. Processing
                            1. Micophone
                              1. You say something init and then it projects your voice .
                              2. Card Scanner
                                1. The same as a scanner but it scans cards .
                                2. CPU
                                  1. It's a short word for computer and this can be in games like Black ops 3 or Fifa 16 .
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