Factors that have led to contemporary differences in development

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Factors that have led to contemporary differences in development
1 Frank's depenancy Theory
1.1 MEDCs exploit LEDCs that are rich in natural resources i.e. Oil
1.1.1 creating a relationship of dominance and dependancy
2 NICs (Newly Industrialised Countries)
2.1 Malaysia - developed through physical resources such as
2.2 Oil in the South China Sea
3 Globalisation of Communication
3.1 improvements in technolgy has led to MEDCs
3.1.1 growth in development, widening the gap
4 Migration
4.1 the poor migrate from LEDCs to MEDCs in search of work and money
4.1.1 causing development in LEDCs to stagnate due to poor work force and development in MEDCs to increase
4.2 (2 million people a year crossing Mediterranean
5 Debt
5.1 'Rich get richer, poor get poorer'
5.2 As areas like those in Sub Sharan Africa who are in masses
5.2.1 of debt are unable to develop in any way shape or form so MEDCs can develop off the money they are making further widening the development gap
5.2.2 $11 billion owed by Africa
6 • Landlocked countries in Africa/East Asia next to other deprived nations, can have conflicts
6.1 as in the Middle East = poor trade
7 Globalisation
7.1 • Multiplier effect
7.1.1 chain of new industry increasing connections
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