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  1. Email is a system that allows a network user to send a message to another network user
    1. Every email user must have an email address. This is a unique address Email programs generally have the following facilities;
      1. An address book
        1. The ability to create groups of addresses
          1. An inbox for the emails you receive
            1. An outbox for the emails waiting to be sent
              1. A sent items folder containing all the emails that you have sent
                1. A deleted items folder containing the emails that you have deleted
                2. You can send the same email to different addresses;
                  1. The addresses can all be placed in the To address space, separated by commas or semi-colons or you can use the carbon copy (Cc) box
                    1. If you don’t want the main recipient to know you have sent a copy to someone else, use the blind carbon copy (Bcc) box
                      1. Attachments are files that are attached to an email a signature is a standard message automatically attached to all your emails
                        1. Webmail is a means of sending and receiving emails using a website there are some security problems associated with emails. These include
                          1. Computer viruses
                            1. Spam
                              1. Phishing
                                1. Cyber bullying
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