Archaeologist At Work

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Archaeologist At Work
  1. Uses artefacts (objects)
    1. Dating Objects
      1. statigraphy
        1. measuring the layers of dirt an object was in (strata)
        2. Carbon Dating
          1. All living things contain Carbon-14
            1. artefacts that were once living can be carbon dated .
              1. The less carbon= older
              2. Dendrochronology
                1. Tree- ring dating
                  1. Counting the rings of a tree.
                    1. Trees gain a ring each year it grows
                2. The process of digging- excavation
                  1. archaeological site.
                    1. divided into square shaped sections
                      1. identified by numbers/ letters
                  2. Tools:
                    1. trowel
                      1. toothbrush
                        1. spoon
                          1. sieve
                            1. geologists' hammers
                            2. rescue archaeology
                              1. working under a deadline.
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